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This project started out simple enough as i was looking for a birthday present for a friend. "Get me a cool sea shell." This statement led me to Ebay. Hours of searching turned up some very cool sea shells and I became enthralled with the Muricidae family of sea shells. Commonly called Murex, these shells come is a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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Keywords:aduncus, alabaster murex, asianus, brassica, brunneus, centrifuga, cervicornis, cornucervi, dilectus, endive, judithae, lace Murex, oxytatus, palmerosa, pele, ramosus, saltatrix, saulii, scorpion, stainforthi, superbus, tecta, torrefactus, vasum turbinellus, venus comb murex, venustulus, zamboi

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